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Bug#334780: debian-installer_20051018(mipsel/unstable): missing build-depends

Package: debian-installer
Version: 20051018
Severity: serious

There was an error while trying to autobuild your package:

> Automatic build of debian-installer_20051018 on rem by sbuild/mipsel 69
> Build started at 20051019-0638


> ** Using build dependencies supplied by package:
> Build-Depends: debhelper (>= 4), apt, gnupg, dpkg (>= 1.13.9), grep-dctrl, bc, debiandoc-sgml, glibc-pic, libdebian-installer4 (>= 0.31), libdebconfclient0, libparted1.6-13, libslang2-pic, libnewt-pic [!mipsel], libnewt-dev [mipsel], libdiscover1-pic [!s390 !s390x], libdiscover1 [!s390 !s390x], libbogl-dev, libtextwrap1, cramfsprogs [powerpc ia64 mips], genext2fs (>= 1.3-7.1), e2fsprogs, mklibs (>= 0.1.15) [!ia64], mklibs-copy [ia64], mkisofs, genromfs [sparc], hfsutils [powerpc], dosfstools [i386 ia64 m68k amd64], syslinux (>= 2.11-0.1) [i386 amd64], palo [hppa], elilo [ia64], yaboot [powerpc], aboot (>= 0.9b-2) [alpha], silo [sparc], sparc-utils [sparc], genisovh [mips], delo [mipsel], tip22 [mips], colo (>= 1.10-1) [mipsel], sibyl [mips mipsel], atari-bootstrap [m68k], vmelilo [m68k], m68k-vme-tftplilo [m68k], sysutils [i386 amd64], mtools (>= 3.9.9-1) [i386 ia64 m68k amd64], modutils, module-init-tools [i386 powerpc amd64 hppa ia64 sparc], bf-utf-source [!s390 !s390x], upx-ucl-beta (>= 1:1.91+0.20030910cvs-2) [i386], mkvmlinuz [powerpc]


> *) \
> 	echo "Unsupported filesystem type"; \
> 	exit 1 ;; \
> esac
> /bin/sh: mkcramfs: command not found

A full build log can be found at:

cramfsprogs [powerpc ia64 mips]

mipsel needs to be included as well.

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