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Bug#334499: base-config: Please switch to po4a to handle manpages translation

Package: base-config
Severity: wishlist
Tags: patch l10n


Please find attached a patch to switch to po4a to handle manpages

This patch does the following things:
debian/control: adds po4a to Build-Depends:
debian/rules: builds manpages and installs them
removes all the translations
creates the man/ directory with the current translations in the po

To complete the work, you have to move apt-setup.8, base-config.8,
termwrap.8 and validlocale.8 into the man directory. I haven't done it
in the patch because I don't know if the very last versions of these
manpages are those in the source package.

Except for the French translation which has been reviewed by the
debian-l10n-french team, every translation is marked as fuzzy. It is
because they must be manually checked by a native-speaker after the
switch. If you intend to fix this bug, please ask the different teams to
update their translations (or you can upload a new package with the
fuzzy translations and they should see that their translations are

If you receive new translations, just add them in the man/po/ directory,
add the language code in man/Makefile as well as the corresponding entry
in man/po4a.cfg.


Thomas Huriaux

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