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Re: Sarge: Kernel 2.6.8 on 486DX33/aha1542 sudden resets

On Fri, 14 Oct 2005, Horms wrote:

> It could be any number of things, to be honest its hard to even
> begin thinking what it might be without more information.

I thought that. Unfortunately I have no more information at the moment.

> Is it possible to get access to kern.log? Perhaps that shows something.

I've looked at that. Nothing that will show anything related to the crash. 
Only the usual boot messages, if you suspict something like that. If it is 
of any interest, I'll of course post it.

Since the machine suddenly resets, I don't think that any information 
written to kern.log or somewhere else survives the ext3 journal rollback 
or the ext2 fsck afterwards. Even output on tty8 won't help, since the 
machine doesn't simply halt, it resets.

> I've CCed the debian-boot, as there is more likely to be someone
> there who has tested out sarge with 2.6 on that vintage of hardware.


> In the mean time, my recommendation would be to stick with 2.4 unless
> you want to get your hands dirty with some hacking.

That's what I've done already.

Thank you for your kind answer!

:wq! PoC

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