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Bringing the 2.6.13 (and beyond) kernel to sid, solving ramdisk generations issues and stuff.


Now that we have a solution for the ramdisk generation tool mess, we can go
ahead, and outline a plan for bringing 2.6.13 to sid, and then go ahead and do
the same with 2.6.14 shortly after that, while 2.6.12 is safely in etch.

As mentioned in :


the plan for solving the ramdisk issues is done in three stages, current svn
2.6.13 packages implement stage 1, i have patches for both initrd-tools and
initramfs-tools in svn, and the yaird folk adapted it for yaird, so we may go
ahead and upload those nextly (if it could be in by monday, that would be
nice). I will work on the last stage, the kernel-package patch, this WE, and
do an NMU since Manoj is unavailable for the next times and asked us to do so.

Once the fixed kernel-package is in the archive, we can then follow up and
upload 2.6.13-2 to experimental, which will allow us to fine test all this and
confirm that it works well, and then after some time, upload -3 to unstable,
which will allow for more widespread testing, but see below.

On a separate issue, current 2.6.13-1 had some serious build issue, which are
not yet all fixed in svn, but the current svn status is :

  Building : alpha powerpc i386 amd64 sparc
  Broken but being worked on : s390 m68k
  Broken but not being worked on yet : hppa ia64
  No information : arm
  Not in the common package : mips mipsel

So, an upload of -2 will work on at least 5 arches out of 10, so this is a
call for hppa, ia64, arm, s390 and m68k porter to fix these issues, hopefully
for the -2 timeframe, but at least for the -3 timeframe.

The other issue is that 2.6.14 is scheduled for release in the not so distant
future, so we may skip uploading .13-3 to unstable and go for .14-1 directly,
depending on status of newly introduced breakage in .14 and such.

Ok, so now a tentative timeline for things to happen :

  Monday, october 17 : last call for upload of fixed yaird, initrd-tools,
  initramfs-tools, kernel-package.

  Wednesday, october 19 : last call for the -2 upload, any arches not fixed by
  then will have to wait for -3.

  Tuesday, october 25 : upload of -3 into sid, hopefully with all arches
  fixed, but this will be up to the porters.

The alternative track is to drop -3, and start working on .14, and make a
.14-1 upload to experimental somewhen in the week 43, the one of monday ocober
24. In any case, we don't intend to move .13 to etch.

Comments ? 


Sven Luther

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