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Bug#333086: Debian-installer fails to correctly allocate partitions

Package: Debian-installer
Version: 3.1r0a

Partitioning of a freshly zeroed WD 40 Gb IDE drive on a Asus P3 motherboard. Intention is to install 9 partitions - one 'primary' and eight 'logical' partitions.
Drive is only for Debian installation - no Windows
First partition - hda1 as /boot and as primary 1Gb at 'start' of drive.
Second partition - hda5 as /var and as logical 6Gb at 'end' of freespace
Third partition - hda6 as /usr and as logical 12Gb at 'end' of freespace
Fourth partition - hda7 as /home and as logical 4Gb at 'end' of freespace

Here the problem arises ...

hda7 is shown to have freespace above and below it.

Get around is to select hda7 to be at the 'start' of the freespace on the drive. All subsequent drives were partitioned as being at the 'start' of their freespace only.

The order of the partitons is thereby broken at the fourth partition

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Kernel: 2.6.8-2-386

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