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Re: beta release update

On Thu, Oct 06, 2005 at 06:43:00PM -0400, Joey Hess wrote:
> Just a quick update on what's up with the beta release. Cc'd to -release
> mostly because it has a certian bearing on architecture requalification.
> A few notable ones:
> 	- sparc is missing a di-utils udeb thanks to
> 	  broken/slow/nonexistant buildd. There can be only one.

That udeb is meanwhile available.

Where I had today and yesterday succesfull builds
 ( http://people.debian.org/~stappers/d-i/images/2005-10-09/overview.log )

| set -e && cd doc/manual/build && \
| 	official_build=1 destination=/build/buildd/debian-installer-20051006/doc/manual/build/manual \
| 	manual_release=etch \
| 	architectures=sparc noarchdir=1 ./build.sh
| Generating integrated XML files and POT files
| Building list of entities...
| Converting XML files to UTF-8...
| Merging XML files per 'chapter'...
| Creating new POT file for ./build/build.po/en/administrivia/administrivia.xml
| Creating new POT file for ./build/build.po/en/appendix/random-bits.xml
|   <snip/>
| Creating new POT file for ./build/build.po/en/welcome/welcome.xml
| Language: en
| Architecture: sparc
| Info: creating temporary profiled .xml file...
| Info: creating .html files...
| Writing build.out/html/pr01.html for preface
|  <snip/>
| Writing build.out/html/ape.html for appendix(appendix-gpl)
| Writing build.out/html/index.html for book
| Info: creating temporary .tex file...
| Info: creating temporary .dvi file...
| Info: creating .pdf file...
| Info: creating temporary .html file...
| Info: creating .txt file...
| GC Warning: Couldn't read /proc/stat
| GC Warning: GC_get_nprocs() returned -1
| Couldn't read /proc/self/stat
| ./buildone.sh: line 119: 13971 Aborted                 /usr/bin/w3m -dump $tempdir/install.${language}.corr.html -o display_charset=$CHARSET >$destdir/install.${language}.txt
| Error: build of txt failed with error code 134
| Warning: The following formats failed to build: txt
| make: *** [build-stamp] Error 2
| ******************************************************************************
| Build finished at 20051008-0055
| FAILED [dpkg-buildpackage died]

What is the status of moving the manual to it's own build schedule?


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