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Re: Boot Sequence SATA Problems

Otavio Salvador wrote:

>João Pinheiro <MailingLists@JoaoPinheiro.org> writes:
>>I'm having a few problems with a SATA hard drive during the sarge
>>(kernel v 2.6.8) boot sequence. The HD is a 200GB Maxtor DiamondMax10
>>and it's connected to a PCMCIA SATA adapter (I'm on a laptop and the HD
>>is on an external housing).
>>The boot sequence recognizes the HD but it times out during write back
>>and freezes right afterwards.
>>Is there any fix for this problem?
>Well, first let me try to figure out what are you really doing:
> - Are you using Debian Installer or sarge installed system?
> - Could you please provide the output of "(lspci ; lspci -n) | sort"?
> - Could you please provide the output of "lsmod"?
>Looks like a kernel related issue and might be good if you could try
>to use a new snapshot of Debian Installer (in case you're using it)
>and check if it works. Otherwise, if you're using a installed system,
>might be good to try to update your kernel version and check if it
>solves your problem.
>See ya!
I'm on a sarge installed system. The problem that I'm facing is with an
external SATA hard drive that's connected to a PCMCIA card. I installed
the system on a regular ATA laptop hard drive so I didn't face this
problem until I first plugged the external hard drive in.
I'm not home at the moment so I can't really provide you with the output
right away. I can, however, tell you that the card uses a Silicon Image
Sil 3112 SATALink PCMCIA chipset. I do believe that this is a
kernel-related issue as well, I simply posted this email to both in hope
that someone would have run into a similar problem in the past.
I'm going to try the latest kernel snapshot as soon as I get back home
so I'll keep you updated on this.

João Pinheiro

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