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Bug#273384: kbd-chooser: Is not run again after backing out

I've updated the patch for the current version of kbd-chooser (1.20).

The new patch is available from my private branch in SVN:
svn diff -r 31205:31207 svn://svn.debian.org/svn/d-i/people/fjp/kbd-chooser

The patch has been tested and works nicely.

There are some open issues:

* I'm not really sure that using two different variables for the
choices and translations is the best solution. Maybe debconf supports
something more elegant.
The current solution results in an en.po file and having
   msgid "${choices}"
   msgstr "${choices-trans}"
in the po files for all languages.

* When at medium priority it is not possible to change the keyboard arch
if skip-config or no-keyboard has been selected: the question is not shown.
To resolve this, the current arch should be taken into consideration when
determining the priority of the question at the end of keyboard_select().

* My C coding can probably use some cleaning up.
The repeated code in keyboard_select() should probably be made into a

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