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Re: Installation report - Froze when "Installing the base system.."

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daniel.car@cox.net wrote:
Install base system:    [E, Froze at 1%, saying Configuring network ...]
This is a known problem as documented at

Is that in current issues or past issues? If it is in current issues which one?
Current issues

a.. [30 Sep 05] hangs during debootstrap run (should be fixed with debian-installer-utils 1.16 in svn - ColinWatson) b.. [27 Sep 05] we have been informed that vfat partitions may be destroyed when resized using the current version of libparted (1.6.24) used by the installer; a normal installation should present no problems c.. [27 Sep 05] s/390: starting from version 1.6.23-1, libparted and thus partconf does not recognize existing partitions on a dasd volume anymore
 d.. [16 Sep 05] the "desktop" task is broken for etch (testing)
e.. [1 Aug 05] sparc netboot image needs to be passed ramdisk_size=16000 to boot the 2.4 kernel properly
 f.. [1 Jun 05] the weekly testing CD image builds are down

Thanks for the info,


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