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Re: Removing 2.6.8 from the archive, is it time?

On Tuesday 27 September 2005 05:11, Horms wrote:
> We spoke about this last month (or was it earlier this month,
> I forget), and at that time 2.6.8 was still being used by d-i.
> It seems that the transition to 2.6.12 is going pretty well,
> is the d-i team happy for 2.6.8 to be removed from the archive,
> or would they like it left there for a bit longer?

We now have most things needed to support 2.6.12 in place in testing. This 
means that it should be OK to remove 2.6.8.

Note that 2.6.13 should _not_ yet be uploaded to unstable as we still need 
the final builds of 2.6.12-10 kernel udebs to migrate from unstable to 


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