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Bug#331107: installation-reports

Muschick Christian wrote:
> -) I had to manually specify the driver for my network card
> (via_velocity). I have a ABIT AV8 mainboard with on-board Gigabit
> Ethernet adapter. This worked automatically with a previous version of
> the installer (sarge stable, I cannot remember the exact version)

Reassigning to discover1-data for this.

> -) Why is DHCP configuration done even if I choose "No ethernet card"?
> Isn't this bound to fail?

That depends. If you manually load modules in between it will work. In
any event hardware detection and network configuration are two
independent subsystems that are not aware of each other.

> -) The installation process got stuck at "Installing Base
> System"->"configure network", regardless of whether I manually specified
> an ethernet driver or installed without ethernet card.

Yes, this is a known problem with current daily builds as documented at

> -) Fat32 appears twice in the "use partition as.." menu

This bug is already filed in the BTS.

see shy jo

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