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Re: GTK miniiso automated building success reported

Joey Hess wrote:
Attilio Fiandrotti wrote:

1) the libc.so.6 included inside the initrd misses some symbols: i've replaced the default one with the one from my debian system and 've included it inside d-i_gtk_root.tgz

I guess this is because the build system unpacks those tarballs after
library reduction.

yes: the libc.so.6 packed inside d-i_gtk_root.tgz overwrites the standard one, so that everything works fine. Same problem also with libpthread-0.10.so: who should do what so that standard libraries included in the initrd do not miss symbols anylonger?




by the way, i've done some experiments with netinst ISOs and GTKDFB2.8 libs created with davide's scripts: altought those libraries work perfectly on a standard system they make the netinst cd system hang, it would be interesting understand why..

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