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Bug#330261: sv translation update

Quoting Daniel Nylander (yeager@lidkoping.net):
> Package: anna
> Version: 1.16
> Here is the updated swedish translation (sv)

Sorry, but anna package belongs to debian-installer for which a
special scheme exists for translations. See

In short, all d-i packages PO files ar egathered together in a big PO
file named the "master" file.

Per Olofsson is currently in charge of the Swedish translation of the
Debian Installer.

However he recently mentioned me he has few time to give to it, so
maybe some help would be appreciated. Just tell me if you're
interested in completing D-I Swedish translations. I'll anyway point
you to the above documentation which you already can read..:-)

I can, if Per agrees, merge the translations you propose for anna to
the d-i master file so that your work isn't lost.

CC'ing both Per and the Swedish localization mailing list (not sure it
exists though...).

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