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Bug#330079: partman-auto: Should not propose only "desktop system" for systems with a 512Mb disk

Quoting Christian Perrier (bubulle@debian.org):
> Package: partman-auto
> Severity: normal
> On systems with a smalll 512Mb hard disk, partman-auto only proposes the
> "desktop system" recipe....which later in 2nd stage leads to a failure in
> the standard system install because the 350Mb / partition is too small.

This is because the "atomic" recipe mentions 500M as minimum size for
the root partition while the "home" recipe only mentions 300M.

One should note that:

-300M is not enough for a base system install on a i386 platform
-both should be consistent

We should probably measure what is the current minimum size for both
types of installs:

-base system
-standard system

...and adapt the recipes accordingly.

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