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Bug#282227: Missing original submitter report for these bugs due to bug #191306

You are being mailed because you are either the maintainer for a
package with a bug or a submitter of a bug that was affected by
#191306.[1][2] This means that the original submission was lost by the
BTS leaving a stub of a bug.

If you are the original submitter, please resend the original message
regarding the bug to <bugnumber>@bugs.debian.org.

If you are the maintainer, and this bug should be closed, please send
an appropriate message to -done.

If you are reading the bug log, and this is the only message present,
please ask the submitter to resubmit the original information or
please fill it in yourself.

Don Armstrong

1: Yes, you were evil by submitting a bug that had a malformed address
somewhere in it... and the bts was evil by puking on it.

2: Or you're subscribed to the PTS for this package, are subscribed to
this bug (?) or for some reason are insane enough to be reading
[pithy saying here]

http://www.donarmstrong.com              http://rzlab.ucr.edu

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