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Bug#293635: Assigning the right font to all consoles

clone 293635 -1
reassign -1 console-tools
retitle -1 Should use the default value set for font in VC1 for other virtual consoles
retitle 293635 Should set the default font settings for all terminals

Quoting Eugeniy Meshcheryakov (eugen@univ.kiev.ua):
> 19 вересня 2005 о 07:42 +0200 Christian Perrier написав(-ла):
> > Eugenyi, not much work was done on this bug report asking
> > localechooser to setup the console font for all VC's.
> > 
> > You suggested reassigning this bug to console-tools, asking it to
> > use the default value for ACM, font, etc if there is no
> > special variable for the given terminal.
> > 
> > I guess you still agree with this, right ?
> Yes, I agree. But not sure where to reassign this to console-tools or to
> kbd.

OK, let's reassign to console-tools and let Alastair handle the right

I clone this bug so that we can at least temporarily add a workaraound
in localechooser until it is fixed.

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