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Re: Bug#328434: ITP: grepmap -- Parse module map files produced by depmod

On Sep 15, Colin Watson <cjwatson@debian.org> wrote:

> In any case we do need to get d-i's udev support fully sorted out fairly
> urgently as 2.6.13 approaches, and that will likely involve at least
As I explained on -boot, I understand that you can start integrating
udev now and later convert the hardware detection to coldplug.
Why do the work two times?

> place. If there's absolutely no way that you will accept the grepmap
> patch to hotplug in the meantime then I'll retract the ITP, but I would
It's up to Fumitoshi UKAI, I am not interested in integrating new
features in hotplug, which is dead code.


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