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Re: installation/boot trouble in SUPERMICRO P8SAA SATA mode

On Fri, Aug 26, 2005 at 08:32:00AM -0500, Renato Alarcon wrote:
> that's the next thing I was going to ask you. When I enabled the RAID 1,
> I expected the installation to see 1 RAID device, but it was still
> showing the 2 physical drives. 

That would be the case on a hardware raid card.  On a bios software fake
raid, linux ignores the bios and sees the hardware as it really is.

> does that mean that if I want raid I'm stuck with SW raid?. Is there a
> noticeable performance difference?

Yes.  The linux software raid uses less cpu and runs faster.

The only advantage to the fake raid is that it works with windows (with
the right driver), so you could potentially want it when doing dual boot
between windows and linux and wanting raid in both.  dmraid might work
with the intel bios raid, but isn't in debian's installer, and as far as
I know isn't really fully completed yet either.

> you're a life saver, I'll try that this afternoon

Len Sorensen

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