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Re: Localization after the install is complete

Quoting C Shore (alemc@bmts.com):
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> In the event of a lowmem install (or other no localization ('C') locale)
> how does one localize the system after the fact?

apt-get install locales will do the trick

Then you also probably need to install the relevant language tasks.

IIRC, aptitude can istall tasks directly without going through
tasksel, but I'm afraid I don't remember how it exactly does. For
sure, you can launch "aptitude" alone and it will show you the

The localization-config package will also help configuring stuff. Just
install it, then later run "/usr/sbin/update-locale-config <lang>"
with lang being the locale you want to configure. It will
pre-configure desktop environments, X keyboard and a few other

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