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Re: Bug#320171: bterm-unifont: Farsi specific glyphs is missing

On 8/17/05, Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> wrote:
> > Then we need those glyphs in the bterm-unifont font and *that* is
> > tricky..:-)
> That may be not so tricky. I checked bdf font from package "unifont" and
> it contains all needed glyphs for Persian. As about Punjabi, I think it
> will be impossible to have font with good quality with bterm - with gtk
> frontend it looks much better.

Oh, sure. I was confusing Punjabi (with a lot of missing characters)
and Persian as I worked on both problems.

So, finally, what's needed for Persian is:

-newt patch
-fix needed-characters/fa


Actually I don't knoe how much work it needs but it would be perfect if we could right align the text for Arabic and Persian ;-)

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