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[D-I] Problem with l10n synchronization for master PO files


Today we noticed severe breakage in both master po files and po files for 
individual packages.
- the master templates.pot was completely empty
- in master po files all translations were commented out
- in po files for packages all UTF-8 encoded characters had disappeared

Luckily there have been no translation updates since the start of the 
breakage (2 days ago) and also no changes in packages that involved 
This means that we were able to simply undo the changes caused by the 
breakage and so everything should be OK again.

You should however, if possible, check that your translation is still OK.
If you did not run 'svn up' during the last few days, the following 
procedure should work, at least for the master files:
- _before_ you run svn up, make a copy of your master PO file
- svn up
- diff -u <copy of PO file> <your language>.po | less
Check the differences.

We're currently investigating the cause of the problem. In the mean time 
automatic synchronization has been disabled for both trunk and the Sarge 
branch. For trunk it will be re-enabled as soon as the problem is fixed; 
for the Sarge branch it will most likely stay disabled until Christian 
gets back from his holidays.


(With thanks to Clytie for submitting a translation update; if not for 
that, we might not yet have known ;-)

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