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Building UDEBs for drivers


I don't know if I asked this list or not, however I did ask the kernels
and they suggested this one for my question.

I have an internal corporate requirement to come up with a driver update
disk (cd or floppy) that can be used with Debian stable (Sarge) that
contains either deb's or udeb's or both for three device driver modules.

These modules need to be loaded into both the install kernel (the kernel
that is booted from the installer CD) as well as the installed kernel.
are using the 2.6.8-2-386 kernel (obtained via typing linux26 at the
CD boot).

Without these modules, I am unable to do an install as the present
kernel in Debian sarge does not have device drivers for my hard drives.

I have been able to create loadable modules for the device drivers that
be loaded into an already running kernel (after installation) and they 
work okey.

I have attempted to research the installer on Google and have ended up
a bit frustrated at the lack of documentation (perhaps I am not Googling
right, so I am not blaming the Debian community). 

I need to know the basics such as:

	1. What are udeb's? Are they the same as deb's?
         Is their structure the same? Can the same
         Debian package building and maintenance tools 
         be used to create them?
      2. As far as I can tell, the kernel that is booted
         from the install CD does appear to be the same
         as that installed (2.6.8-2-386), therefore, I
         foresee no problem using the loadable modules (.ko
         files) for the drivers that I have compiled.
         Unless I am missing something obvious. Please
         help me if I am. If that is the case, can the
         drivers still be packaged in a .deb file and not
         a .udeb file?
      3. I am having considerable difficulty with Googling and poking
         around for information on how to package the driver 
         packages on a Driver Update Disk that can be used 
         during the install so that the kernel that is booted
         directly from the CD has the new packages loaded. I
         would also need to have the same packages installed
         in the installed kernel before the initial re-boot.
      4. I have done an apt-get of debian-installer-20050317
         and poked around it. Perhaps it's not obvious, but
         where is the script/application/utility that loads
         in Driver Update disks, if there is one?

Thank you

Mark Allyn

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