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Network Configuration Error on testing Netinst CD (8-4-05)


I have tried the 8-4-2005 cut of the Debian testing netinst CD and found
that it came up with errors while trying to configure the network.

My NIC is a E100. 

I have no problem with the Debian Sarge (stable) release running on this

When I try the Netinst CD, I get a warning saying that the installer was
unable to get a default route setting for the network. I went to the 
other console (pressing control/alt/f2) and do find that it was 
able to get a DHCP offer from our DHCP.

I am able to access the local router (having to use wget as no ping is 
offered on the netinst CD). I cannot figure out routing as netstat is 
also not on the CD. I try the route add command, but I get a no devices
found error.

That tells me that the E100 driver included in the kernel on the CD is
to operate the NIC in the system. However it appears that I cannot set a
default route. 

Has anyone else had similar problems with the netinst CD? 

Thank you

Mark Allyn

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