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Bug#319524: please allow DHCP server to specify default archive mirror

Phil Blundell wrote:
> You're right that a preseed file would also allow me to set the mirror
> location during install, but that would be slightly more cumbersome from
> my point of view.  I don't really want to get into building customised
> CD images, so in order to make it "just work" without manual
> intervention there would need to be a way for clients to automatically
> locate the preseed file on the server, which I think would again come
> down to a DHCP option.

I've wanted for a while a way to let dhcp servers broadcast a preseed
file (either content or url). If you can point me at a way to make a
dhcp server do that and show me what it looks like to a dhcp client,
then the rest of the peices should be very easy to put together.

see shy jo

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