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Re: eth renaming problm during install

Torsten Landschoff <torsten@debian.org> writes:

> Hi there, 
> I am just attending to jeoyh's talk at Debconf5. He mentined that a
> problem in d-i is the installation with multiple ethernet cards because
> they might end up renamed after the first boot. 
> I wonder why the scripts after booting don't search for the right card 
> using the MAC as the id? Shouldn't that work at least in most cases?
> Greetings
> 	Torsten

ifupdown needs to adapt to that or a script has to ifrename them
before ifup runs.

In a recent talk with the udev maintainer I learned that udev can
set the device names when the modules are loaded. Maybe it is worth
waiting for udev to become generaly usable (needs 2.6.12 kernel in
etch for one thing) and skip ifrename hacks.


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