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Re: Install Sarge on a Vaio VGN-A416M

Quoting Anthony (anthony.hocquet@gmail.com):
> Hi everybody,
> I've just bought a Sony VAIO laptop : VGN-A417M. By the way, the 
> installer of Sarge doesn't detect my HDD because my SATA chipset (ICH6) 
> wasn't supported in kernel 2.6.8. This is the result of "lspci" :
> lspci | grep -i sata
> 0000:00:1f.2 IDE interface: Intel Corporation 82801FBM (ICH6M) SATA 
> Controller (rev 03)

Could you please give us the output of:

(lspci ; lspci -n) | sort

> I'm wondering if I have to modify initrd (add new udeb modules), or 
> modify kernel used to boot : install/2.6/vmlinuz
> I've tried to modify this kernel by adding support of ICHM in the kernel 
> but boot fails while trying to mount rd/0 (VFS cannot find root device 
> or something like that), just before displaying the debian-installer in 
> framebuffer.
> Is there a way to install Sarge on my laptop ? ;)

You migh want to try out the daily build images you can find from

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