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Bug#314634: over 8 scsi drives in a raid array breaks initrd creation

Package: installation-reports
Version: debian-31r0a-i386-netinst.iso
Severity: important

I installed to xfs on a 10-disk software raid 5 array, and my hope was that the
menus would be enough to get everything installed. When installing the base
packages, the kernel install never finished (like, over a day). Further
investigation shows that the mkinitrd script was getting hung (endless loop)
when trying to figure out what it needed for my 9th and 10th drive. This is the
first place that the installer needs for sdi and sdk device nodes to exist, and
it fails in a very ugly way. This seems to have been the only thing preventing a
perfect, menu-only

After MAKEDEVing these last 2 drives, things work flawlessly, my initrd is
generated, and it boots just fine.

Perhaps mkinitrd needs to detect when it has a device for which there is no
device node, or maybe something else in the installer needs to create these

Thanks, whoever looks at this,
Scott Gilliland


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