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Re: Can't access D-I manual svn

On Thursday 16 June 2005 07:03, Christian Perrier wrote:
> On Wednesday 15 June, Frans Pop wrote:
> > I have never been able to log in using a password. Have you tried
> > pasting
> It seems to work, or have worked, for some people, but not others. I
> still have the problem of the Belarusian translator, Andrei, who
> cannot log in as he's prompted for a password, even though he entered
> a SSH key in Alioth (and did it well).

Could this have something to do with it:
$ ssh costa.debian.org
Linux costa #8 SMP Mon Apr 11 16:12:21 CEST 2005 i686 GNU/Linux

fjpop-guest@costa:~$ passwd
Changing password for fjpop-guest
(current) UNIX password:
passwd: Authentication service cannot retrieve authentication info.

(P.S. I just successfully changed my password the same way on Alioth)

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