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RE: Fedora Core 4 is out! Buy at UseLinux...

Hello Richard,

Thanks for the info, and running such a good service.
I use only Debian at the moment. I have also been advised that some versions of BSD are a worthwhile time venture.

I am thinking of starting some projects in the not too distant future (when I can achieve the level of organisation that is requied to actually acheive something). Do you have any suggestions for starting out. I am most interested in remote booting systems (at the moment I have only used pxe and etherboot) with knoppix-like (i.e. boot to user) mini operating systems that can be used to check computers for various things. There are several goals I have in mind but checking the hardware then remotely cross compiling a complete OS before returning it. Supplied working and suitable for primary or backing operation (if a blank disk space is available). To do this over wireless would I thought also be useful so that one could setup a LUG without anyone having to do more than insert a boot disk I could provide or allow ISO download of, and then connect to a PC running as server in the same town or nearby? I will next be looking into using root or boot disk building? facilities (i have only built basic boot images from scratch so far) so that I can correctly include lspci and other checking tools to return hardware lists to the server ready to build a kernel for second boot or pass over (..pass over from one kernel to another using ram configurations that I have only read about).

Thought there might be a chance it could be of some interest to you?
If not, its alright sorry to waste your time looking at my poorly versed words :)

I have cc'd to the debian-boot list as I thought that might be the correct place to start but am unsure (hopefully I will avoid winding anyone up).


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