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Bug#314153: amd64 (redscreen) Base system installation error

Package: debian-installer (udebs?)
Version: netinstall as of 06-14-2005

Background: automated debian-installer based netinstall on amd64.

Hunch: something on a mirror having to do with the
  debian-installer has changed.

I have about 400 CPUs, AMD Opterons which were able to install
using the netboot.tar.gz debian-installer up until a few days ago.

Netinstalls were working fine up until a few days ago. Normally the install would finish and the system installed and working. I've verified that this happens against my local mirror, and also against the amd64.debian.net mirror.

I've installed the newest kernel: 'linux' and 'initrd.gz' from the netboot.tar.gz (found here http://amd64.debian.net/debian-installer/2005-06-13/netboot/ )
with the same issue.

A few screenshots of vt1, vt2 and vt3.


Canceling out of this stage of the installer brings us back to the main menu with "Install the base system" selected.

Distro: sarge, etch and sid. The same redscreen happens on any
    distro at the moment.

roerich on #debian-amd64 suggested to file this report.


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                                   Niels Bohr

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