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Bug#313107: [save-logs] Go back button missing from file system question

Package: save-logs

If you select to save the logs to a mounted file system, you are asked 
which directory this should be and to make sure it's mounted.

There is however no way to cancel as the dialog does not have a go back 

Also, I feel the text of the dialog could be a little more instructive.
  Please specify the directory where you want to save the debug logs.
  Before you continue, you should make sure this directory is on a mounted
  file system as otherwise the logs will be lost when you exit the

  You can mount a file system manually from a shell. Note that you may
  have to manually load driver modules before you can mount the file
  system. What hardware and file system drivers are available, depends on
  the installation method you are using and the stage of the installation
  you have reached.

  Directory in which to save debug logs:

Maybe a short explanation on how to start a shell (VT2, menu) should even 
be added, but I think that would make the text too long.

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