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Bug#154482: base-config: apt-setup after 3 years still does not transition from "testing" to "stable" properly

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On Jun 10, 2005, at 3:39 AM, Colin Watson wrote:
On Thu, Jun 09, 2005 at 04:53:30PM -0700, Brian Bennett wrote:
On Jun 8, 2005, at 5:08 AM, Colin Watson wrote:
On Tue, Jun 07, 2005 at 01:49:51PM -0700, Brian Bennett wrote:
Package: base-config
Version: 2.53.10
Followup-For: Bug #154482

Now that sarge is stable apt-setup still creates testing sources.

That's what 3.1r0a is being released to fix.

Now that 3.1r0a is released, apt-setup still creates only testing
sources.  Can this be fixed?

Not in my tests with 3.1r0a, it didn't ... what mirror are you using?

I'm using mirrors.kernel.org.

I don't think you're quite understanding me though. I have 100 servers installed with Debian using various RC installers. I don't want to reinstall using 3.1r0a on every single server just to fix apt- setup. I just want to fix apt-setup.

Maybe this bug should be "the behavior of apt-setup relies on some unknown unchangeable value rather than the release specified in apt preferences". When I tell apt to use stable, apt-setup should honor that, but it doesn't.

I'm willing to fix it by hand for sarge (if you can tell me how), since it's released already and this would probably be a much more major change than I realize, but I think this should definitely be fixed for etch.

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