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PowerBook G3 "WallStreet" unsuccessful boot

I have finally had some time to try this again and it appears
the boot floppies and my machine are on somewhat better terms
now. I apologize if this comes through twice; the installation
report doesn't seem to have gone through.

I'm using the boot floppies from
dated 7 June 2005

on a PowerBook G3 233MHz "Wall Street" family M4753 w/160MB RAM.

These builds come much closer to working than the sarge/rc3
floppies. Tested with 8 floppies for each image. Results are the
same whether I use freshly-zapped PRAM or use System Disc to set
the console to keyboard/display and stop at the open firmware

boot.img: goes through happy mac/penguin mac sequence, clearly
pulling much data off floppy, eventually stops with display
problems (one of: white screen fading to grey with vertical
white streaks, black screen with large white rectangle at
various locations, or nearly-illegible screen with the linux fb
penguin in the upper-*right* and text down the right side--looks
similar to a CRT badly misscanning). There is no documentation
on how to provide boot parameters when booting via floppy. By
squinting at the framebuffer screen I can make out that it's
finding an ATI Rage LT.

ofonlyboot.img: similar to above (happy mac, then penguin mac
while reads disc), but eventually stops at penguin mac. Drive
stops seeking and machine just sits there.

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