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Re: [Debian-ppc64-devel] ppc64 pseries 2.6.11-2 .deb kernel available.

On Sat, Jun 04, 2005 at 08:07:35AM +0200, Sven Luther wrote:
> On Sat, May 28, 2005 at 04:15:39PM +0200, Sven Luther wrote:
> > Hello all,
> > 
> > Thanks to the great job of Jeff Bailey and Matthias Klose, who provided a set
> > of gcc-3.4/glibc-2.3.5 based biarch toolchain, i have managed to build a first
> > ppc64 kernel package, which is available at :
> > 
> >   http://people.debian.org/~luther/ppc64
> Ok, i have done a new build, which should fix the logical partition thingy,
> but David please test, and also included the bi-arch toolchain, altough there
> may be a more recent one.
> These are based on the ubuntu toolchain, altough i am not sure they actually
> have it in their archive yet, but probably.
> The archive is meant to be added to your apt sources, and will install fine on
> top of sarge, the only contraint being that you need to use gcc-3.4, and gcc
> will still be pointing to gcc-3.3, so you need to make the change by hand
> yourself.

And you will also find ppc64 aware d-i images in :


And starting tomorrow, i will build daily builds of those, which will be
available at :


The main problem being that the images in question will fail to install, since
the -pseries .udebs are not in the archive and thus you will have to
hand-point d-i to http://people.debian.org/~luther/d-i/ppc64/udeb or something
such (not yet uploaded there, but will happen by tomorrow).


Sven Luther

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