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Bug#311558: no l10n installation manuals on Sarge

package: debian-installer
version: N/A
tags: l10n
severity: wishlist

Debian "Sarge" will have 14 CDs (at least) and 15000+ packages available.
The Debian Installer Installation Manual it's translated in many languages. It's a very important help for users who want to install the new Debian Sarge and have the iso(s) to install but no Internet access to install with the help of the Installation Manual available online.

Those manuals translated to native languages will not be available on the CDs for the users who have downloaded the installer, and need the Installation Manual for installing they systems.

Would be very nice to have the all translated manuals available somehow on a CD for the users. Maybe a debian-installer-manual-l10n-XX package for each XX language.

Sorry for my poor English and the lame thoughts. But hey, it's for the users.

Cumprimentos/Best Regards,

Miguel Figueiredo

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