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Re: Install problems on Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX300 Blade server (RAID issue)

Just for the record (and all the Googling admins stuck with installing
Debian on this piece of hardware), here's how to get Debian onto a
Fujitsu BX300 blade server. Thankfully someone told us.

Install Sarge with the lastest Debian Net install CD ISO using *expert
mode*. The install CD images do get updated, so make sure you get the

When offered either GRUB or LILO by the installer, choose LILO. Somehow
GRUB has some issues when it comes to the Promise FastTrack RAID
(hopefully someone sorts this out in the not too distant future. I wish
I had more info on EXACTLY why it has problems.....)
You'll still get that red screen modprobe pdcraid error during install,
but you will end up with a bootable system by the time you are done.
Also, I used the 2.4 kernel when asked. I would like to try the 2.6
kernel to see if that works too (not holding my breath though.), and
installed the MBR onto the RAID device.
I haven't experimented much with the system running under sarge, I only
took it as far as a post-install reboot to prove it could be done.

I found it was impossible to try and install Debian onto a single HD in
the blade, as the BIOS would always search for the MBR over the RAID
device, and you've probably seen how dumbed-down that RAID controller is
by now, so forget it. You're stuck with the RAID! muahahaahaa!

Best of luck.

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