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Re: GTK fe: multiselect handler and hw-detect/select-modules problem

Colin Watson wrote:
> I actually made hw-detect >= 1.16 not ask that question if it would be
> zero-length.
> You say it crashes the frontend, but doesn't it just return an error?
> I'm ambivalent about whether or not that's the right thing to do ...
> (Either way, all cdebconf frontends should do the same thing in this
> regard, so if this behaviour changes it should change in newt, text,
> etc. too.)

I think it should be supported w/o crashing or any error, the question
should just be ignored.

1. That's how debconf does it.
2. That's the behavior for empty regular select lists.
3. The spec doesn't specify any particular error code for this edge

see shy jo

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