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Bug#309600: Package: installation-reports

Quoting deb (metell@gmail.com):
> I tried FJP's idea and the did load the driver but still it gave me
> the partitionable media not found. I gave a
> # lsmod | more
>  out put was:
> module          size         used by
> ata_piix         7812           0
> libdata         36228           1  ata_piix
> so looks like its loaded up but still somehow not seeing the disk. Do
> I need to do the modprobe ata_piix very early in the startup ?

I'm afraid this may not change a lot.

Sorry for the wrong tip about loading the module. Thankfully, Frans
corrected me.

We may need to have an idea of what shows up in the logs when you load
the module.

Could you please look in /var/log from TTY2 after loading the
module. IIRC, the whole log is "messages" there.

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