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Bug#308894: add debconf questions for naming network interfaces

Not sure whether this would be better reassigned to netcfg or
ddetect. Joey?

Quoting Matt Taggart (taggart@debian.org):
> Package: debian-installer
> Severity: wishlist
> It would be really cool if during an install you could be prompted to
> name the various network interfaces for use with nameif. Maybe this
> question would only occur if you had more than one interface or were in
> expert mode.

I really think this proposal is of great interest. I already did
installs on systems with two identical cards and this is a real PITA
to figure out what is eth0 and what is eth1...:-)

> "You appear to have more than one network interface. Would you like to
>   change their default names to something more meaningful to help you
>   differentiate them?" yes/no

Let's make this DTSG compliant (neutral wording, no question in long

Should be something like:

_Description: Do you want to changer network interface names?
 It appears that the system has more than one network interface.
 You can change their default names to more meaningful names.

(English to be enhanced here?)

> "Select the interface to name" interfaces listed with MAC address,
>   driver name, and lspci data

_Description: Interface to rename:

> "Enter a new name for the interface" textfield

_Description: New name for the ${interface} interface:

> and for extra credit maybe even a screen that helps you determine which
>   is which based on link state (and you can plug/unplug to determine).

That would rock....:)

Matt, do you feel OK to code this?

(I am obviously not able to...)

Or maybe joshk?

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