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changes needed for various architectures

Some changes have been made recently for a few arches, and need to be
checked and done for the other arches, for consistency.

 * Rescue mode is added to the images. For x86, powerpc, sparc
   (untested), new "rescue" boot options have been added, that boot the
   installer with rescue/enable=true to enable rescue mode. Other arches
   that can support this need to have the boot options added to their
   boot loader configs and boot screens. (ia64 ran out of boot stanzas,
   but I did document rescue/enable=true in its help screens).
   (This change also needs to be made in debian-cd, which may be tricky.)
 * devfs=mount removed. This boot parameter should not be needed, since
   d-i takes care of mounting /dev. For x86 and powerpc, this change has
   been made, for the other arches I need people who can test it (or at
   least be responsible for it if it breaks :-) on those arches to make
   the change to their boot parameters.
 * kernel-wedge 2.00. This version of kernel-wedge changes a lot of
   stuff. I've tried to update the linux-kernel-di packages for all
   arches to reflect the main changes, but these packages need to be
   built with the new kernel-wedge (which is in experimental), and
   checked to make sure nothing is added/removed by the new kernel
   wedge. I've only checked i386 so far.
   Some arches may also want to look at updating to the 2.6.11 kernel.

If necessary I can do these changes on 7 other arches, but it will
happen about 70 times slower than if people who have those arches at
home can work on it in parallel.. ;-)

see shy jo

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