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Re: [L10N][Manual]TODO Have to use PO format

> I would also suggest to build the chapters as separate HTML files.

Yes, probably. Your experience of the install manual builds could help

> Regarding reorganization. If the manual is included, there should probably 
> a more general introduction (coordination, intro of levels/manual, 
> statistics, spellchecking) and after that a clear separation between 
> stuff relating to d-i translation (level 1), general debian translation 
> (level 2+) and manual translation.

Agreed also. We also would need to compact the boring sections about
each package a little. I wrote this during my last summer holidays but
this was done mostly in the blind, without knowing how the doc would
be used by translators.

We probably need to move long explanations to Appendixes or so, just
to have somethign easier to read.

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