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Re: GTK frontend development, source snapshot

attilio wrote:
> In the last days i started working again on the gtk over 
> directframebuffer frontend for the debian-installer, trying to implement 
> a mechanism that allows the user to jump from a section of the 
> debian-installer to another; basically, if the users clicks in the main 
> menu while has not yet finished configuring a module the frontend keeps 
> track of the desired jump target and act as if the user pressed the back 
> button.
> on the next call of gtk_go() the FE checks if there is a pending jump 
> and if there is only one question in the question list before jumping; 
> while there is still more than one question in the list the jump doesn't 
> occourrs and the FE act as if a back command was given by the user.
> This because modules such netcfg didn't seem to be willink to go back 
> once started (once started it needs to complete the configuration of the 
> net and doesn't seem to be glad to be interrupted).

This is likely a bug in netcfg. I do think the approach of using backup
to get out of the running menu item is the only sane way the debconf
protocol provides for us (unfortunatly). netcfg can be fixed though..

> Attached to this email is the source of the gtk.c i'w actually working 
> on; i've tried to write down as much comments as i could to explain what 
> i'm trying to do in the code and i've managed to rewrite the code in a 
> "clean" way.

Do you think it's time to check this into svn? If you sign up for an
alioth account, we can get you svn commit access; even if the code is
not ready to be checked into trunk, you could create a branch and check
it in there, which would make it easier for others to build things and
help you.

see shy jo

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