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Bug#306786: Debian-Installer installation report: failed on Dell PowerEdge 2850 with Perc 4e/Di RAID with 2.6 kernel

> Output of lspci and lspci -n: not available

> Installer doesn't detect hard drives. Other distros detect hard drives, 
> so no physical fault.
> Poking around the 'net suggests that the error is because the 2.6.8 
> kernel doesn't have the required drivers for the RAID controller card 
> used in the Dell PE 2850 (Perc 4e/Di, which is some LSI card, which 
> requires the megaraid_mbox, megaraid_mm drivers).

Could you provide us with the output of "(lspci ; lspci -n)|sort" from
another distribution?

OF course, if neither 2.6.8 nor 2.4.27 have the required drivers, then
we're stucked as kernels are now frozen for D-I.

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