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Re: partman-auto-lvm

Alex Owen wrote:
> I've got partman-auto-lvm from svn and I'm going to try and look at it!
> I have found the documentation:
>   debian-installer/installer/doc/develpartman-auto-recipe.txt
> but was wondering if anyone has written any documentation or has any
> examples of how we mention lvm in recipe's so that partman-auto-lvm will
> act on them.

partman-auto-lvm does not currently work on the basis of lvm recipes.
Instead it adds a menu item to the automatic partitioning menu that lets
you use free space for lvm, makes a vg using that, then it uses a normal
partman-auto recipe to decide what sizes of lv's to make.

This is pretty inflexible, unfortunatly, I'd like to see it improve so
more control was available via recipes, and so it can use more than just
free space.

see shy jo

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