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Re: Help

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Clive Menzies wrote:
| On (20/04/05 19:18), Marcell Metzner wrote:
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|>~From two weeks now I'm working on a way to create RAID device which must
|>be used for the installation.
|>can you point me how to do this...
|>I'm really tired with this:(
| Hi Marcel
| You need to tell us a bit more about your setup and what you've tried.
| It took me over a week to get a RAID1 setup installed on a recycled
| server recently and 90% of the problem was down to a dodgy Promise
| FatsTrak100 Ultra ATA controller.  Once I switched the drives to the
| onboard IDE controller, all was sweet;)
| There are also issues relating to different kernels and SATA drives.
| So give us some info ....... meanwhile, here are some links:
| Regards
| Clive
| PS ..... and a more specific subject line would get better response  ;)

Software RAID (RAID1) on different type of hardware. The only i can
specify about the hardware is that we don't use SATA discs on this
machines. I had the problems Sascha Wintz mentioned about partman(it can
not partition more then one disk) but I solve them by just doing the
partitioning of the next HDDs on post install level using the
base-config base-config/late_command.

The problem is that I wish to create the RAID on preinstall level and to
make the installer install the system over the RAID wich will be mounted
as usual at /target.

I allready found a way to partition the disk with sfdisk on preinstall
base and to create the RAID but the installer do not continue after I
comment the lins in the preseed conserning the partitioning(partman).

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