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Bug#304782: impossible to install debian 3.0 r4 with bf24 kernel

Is there some reason why you filed three copies of this report?

Yes, as at first I couldn't identify to what pseudo-package, this bug was belonging, I sent It to :
Install, Installation, Kernel and CDROM
because the problem occured during Installation using a cdrom and It seemed to be related to the kernel.

Now, I managed to terminate the installation, after installing a new ethernet card recognized by kernel 2.2.
After that, I tried to install kernel-image for others kernels > 2.4 and now, I'm sure that the problem is a kernel problem cause It happens with all those images. Before managing to install, I couln't send much information about the hardware, because I had no means to, it's why I send those infos only in a second mail.

MEDIAFOREST Technical Contact wrote:
I installed the default kernel (2.2.x) version of the new debian, without other problem that my ethernet card
wasn't recognized. But as there is only a driver module for this card for kernels >= 2.4, I tried to install the
debian 3.0 r4 with bf24 command line. The installation hangs up as soon as the boot : with the following error message :

Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address

Apparently you're using the old installer for debian stable. That installer is no longer being developed, I suggest
you visit http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/ and download the new instaler for sarge. 2.4 kernel is
default, if that doesn't work you can also try booting with "linux26" for a 2.6 kernel.

-- see shy jo

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