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"filesystem" vs "file system" in sarge

I found some minor inconsistencies in the sarge branch. Matt Kraai
corrected all occurrences of "filesystem" to "file system" in both
branches. However, it seems that some "filesystem" remain in sarge,
while the same packages have "file system".

This is far from being critical but, in case some of these packages
get recompiled for sarge some day (because of some other reason), I
intended to commit the needed change (of course updating the changelog
then with a new "UNRELEASED" entry).

However, as this would be a sarge commit, I prefer asking first. I
also wondered which version numbering system we will use for sarge
versions of packages.

Of course, if I correct this, I will also unfuzzy translations
appropriately, assuming that translators have been consistent among
their translations.


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