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Re: CD-images: Unable to download 7 files

Il giorno dom, 17-04-2005 alle 11:52 +0200, ari.kroyer@c2i.net ha
> How can I solve this problem without having to start all over again, seeing as release 
> 5 was issued yesterday?
> Please help! (If this request should have been posted somewhere else, please let 
> med know!)

probably the best place where to ask is debian-cd@lists.debian.org.
BTW, do you know that you don't need all CDs in order to install debian?
You may just use the first one and download *only* the packages you need
via internet (if you don't have them on CD).

If you will decide to download 3.0r5, you may still provide jigdo your
3.0r4 CDs and it will download only the new stuff.


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