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Bug#303812: net ok at stage 1, absent after reboot

> Thu Apr 14 13:24:41 2005: eth0: ERROR while getting interface flags: No
>  such device Thu Apr 14 13:24:42 2005: Bind socket to interface: No such
>  device Thu Apr 14 13:24:42 2005: exiting.
> Thu Apr 14 13:24:42 2005: Failed to bring up eth0.
> Thu Apr 14 13:24:42 2005: done.

It's strange that /etc/network/interfaces has 'auto eth0' in it since
this is a pcmcia card and pcmcia cards should not have an auto statement
generally, since pcmcia-cs ifups them when it detects the card. It would
be interesting to see if removing the 'auto eth0' line fixed the
problem, though I don't see how it could. It would at least eliminate
the above ugliness at boot.

> Thu Apr 14 13:24:49 2005: Starting PCMCIA services: cardmgr[1070]:
>  watching 2 sockets Thu Apr 14 13:24:50 2005: done.

This is where the interface should come up; pcmcia should run the
command "ifup eth0" at this point. What happens if you run that command
after boot but before bringing up the interface by hand?

What do you see if you grep for 'cardmgr' in /var/log/daemon.log?

Your installation report doesn't say what version of Debian you
installed or exactly when, so I guess one possibilty might be you have
the unstable version of ifupdown and it could be broken. 
What does "dpkg -l ifupdown" say?

see shy jo

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