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Bug#304164: Loose CD to install the basesystem

On Thursday 14 April 2005 13:57, Ralf Springwald wrote:
> No, there is no messages on VT3/VT4. The mountpoint looks good. A 'ls'
> shows the dircetory structure from the iso. I think there is a mistake
> in the script, a wrong variable or something else.

Well, as the RC3 netinst image works for other people, there must be some 
kind of problem during your installation. As far as we know the scripts 
used are good.
I'm afraid that if you cannot provide a little bit more detailed 
information on how or why base-config is failing, we have no chance of 
diagnosing and solving this.

You could try changing (using nano from vt2) the first line of
  #! /bin/sh -x
before base-installation is run. This will give you a lot of debugging 
output in /var/log/syslog.


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